Why You Should be Listening to Podcasts! By: Vanda Di Michele

Tuesday May 19th, 2020


Podcasts have taken the entertainment world by storm! It seems like there is a podcast for almost everything and anything! But, where to begin? While it might be daunting to start, there are four simple, yet important things, you should know before you start tuning in!

1. Get ready to escape! Podcasts are awesome. Period. They offer an incredible entertainment value that is quite unique! Think about things that intrigue you before you get started! What inspires you? What is something you want to learn? Do you want to laugh? Podcasts are a great way to escape busy life and dive into another world, rich with information and stories. They help you discover a little bit more about the world, and about yourself.

2. Learn something new! As entertaining as podcasts can be, they offer tons of opportunity to learn something new, when you least expect to! It might not be the most traditional way to learn something, but it is just as effective. Podcasts offer a platform to experts and professionals, ready to impart their knowledge on someone else. All you have to do is tune in! Whether you’re looking for DIY tips, new fun facts, or want to start a new business venture, try a listening to a podcast for tips and tricks on how to get started!

3. Podcasts cut down on screen time! Cell phones, television, Netflix, OH MY! We live in a world with endless digital technology with screens. While we are aware of the negative health effects of too much screen time, we can’t seem to get away from it. Use podcasts as an opportunity to cut back on screen time and while still indulging in some entertainment! Podcasts offer a unique opportunity to use your imagination. Create your own movie, in your mind!

4. Listen anywhere at any time! Most music streaming platforms carry podcasts. Podcasts are easily accessible and cover a variety genres and topics. Podcasts are a convenient entertainment medium, because they can come with you, wherever you want to go! In our fast-moving society, it can be hard to find some time for yourself. Podcasts help optimize your time, by helping your balance your personal time with your busy day!


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