Forging Ahead To Golden Years

Wednesday Mar 01st, 2023


Forging Ahead to Golden Years


“A family’s real estate needs change over time. As this family continued to move through life’s events and transitions, they once again trusted and reached out to Concierge Real Estate by Wasim”.

M & G, both career professionals, contacted us as they were looking to downsize from a home in Georgina, Ontario, and return to Newmarket where they had lived previously for several years. Concierge Real Estate by Wasim had been engaged in the deal that moved the family to Georgina. Since then, a family member had moved out, and the proper time to act had arrived, having discussed a prospective move for some time. The desire to forge ahead also took into account that G was approaching retirement from a teaching career, and with M’s retirement already underway. Given their life stage situation, we proposed that a condominium would be ideal and showed the couple a few options available in Newmarket including one where the firm had successfully integrated other customers.

Staging The Georgina Home for Sale

We ensure to be patient and forthcoming with customers without direct experience preparing properties for the real estate market. Customers come to rely on our cordial, appropriate, and fair advice on how best to prepare, given a limited budget. We respect that our customers come from various occupational backgrounds, and that guided expertise here makes sense, and can make a huge difference in achieving success on the market.

Concierge Real Estate by Wasim provided cogent advice on how to prepare M & G’s home for sale.  M & G listened to our advice on staging and worked hard to implement our recommendations. Working together, the home in Georgina was decluttered, cleaned, and staged.

Closing Dates Challenge Homeowners Seeking to Swap Primary Residences

A significant challenge in Real Estate when dealing with the sale and purchase of primary residencies is aligning closing dates on the property being sold and the property being sought for purchase. Excellent negotiation skills, and the ability to pivot are often required. Closing dates must align to avoid situations such as securing and living in a rental space or feeling pressured to sell a property at a price below asking. The ideal property a buyer is hoping to secure, may not be able to close on an appropriate date, a challenge that requires foresight and navigational skill. In these cases, agents need to think on their feet to find and secure a similar property within tight timeframes.

When M & G were faced with a situation in which the condominium, they initially desired could not be secured on a workable closing date, we successfully pivoted to locate and negotiate with the sellers of a suitably similar condominium, one that offered a closing date that aligned sufficiently with the one in Georgina. A quick thinking and flexible mindset enabled closing transactions to take place, with the Georgina property selling at higher than the asking price and relieving M & G from unnecessary stress.


M & G have successfully moved into their new condominium and are enjoying taking on some reno projects to bring the vision for their new home to fruition. In doing the work they can, and by using the professional vendor recommendations provided by Concierge Real Estate by Wasim, they can achieve their goals while working within their budget.

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