How to Safely Celebrate Halloween This Year By: Vanda Di Michele

Thursday Oct 29th, 2020


This year our world has undergone many experiences and changes. One specific change to tradition this year, is affecting many children in Ontario and beyond. Premier Doug Ford is advising parents and children, specifically in the Toronto, Peel, Ottawa, and York Region areas, to not go door-to-door trick-or-treating this year. While kids can’t collect candy from the neighborhood homes, this does not mean that Halloween is canceled. Instead, we’re here with some helpful tips to celebrate Halloween safety and with lots of fun! 

Tip 1: Have a virtual Halloween Party 

Contact your children’s friend’s parents and arrange a virtual meet. Halloween is on a Saturday this year, so it calls for an all-evening celebration. Encourage your child to come up with a fun virtual game that they can share. For example, each child can get a chance to share a scary story. The kids can dress up, chat with friends, laugh, and have a different, but memorable experience. 

Tip 2: Have a movie night 

Try getting the whole family together to enjoy an at-home movie night! Whether is a scary, funny, or Halloween themed movie, try to get the family involved in spending some time together. Better yet, reserve the evening and try a movie marathon. Each member of your family can choose a movie to watch. Make fun Halloween snacks or themed food and sit down and enjoy. Click here for some fun recipes you can make together for your special family movie night. 

Tip 3: Carve Pumpkins at Home 

        Don’t let this Halloween tradition go to waste! You can elevate this tradition to make it a family fun event. Grab a pumpkin for each member of your family and have a Jack-o-lantern contest! Everyone carves their pumpkin in their special way and put it to a vote. Whoever has the best pumpkin, gets to pick a scary movie to watch together as a family! Don’t forget to send us, at Concierge Real Estate by Wasim, a picture of your winning pumpkin!  

Tip 4: Trick-or-Treat Within Your Own Home  

        Try getting creative and create a trick-or-treating experience inside your own home! Behind each door of your home, put a small bowl of candy behind it. Encourage your children to dress up and go “door-to-door” to collect candy. This experience will resemble the tradition of Halloween while making it safe! Plus, what child doesn’t want to collect candy on Halloween. 

Tip 5: Make Halloween Face Masks 

           In the spirit of the times, have a craft night and decorate Halloween face masks. Grab a few neutral-colored masks and some craft supplies. Pipe cleaners, paint, buttons, construction paper, feathers, pompoms, and the list goes on! Get creative, take pictures, and have fun at home! Click here for some inspiration and some step by step instructions on how to make some Halloween themed face masks! 

           Remember, if you live outside of the regions listed above, make sure you are doing your research on how to safely distribute candy to children. Consider sitting outside your home to avoid opening and closing your front door, use sanitized tongs to grab candy to drop in bags, and as always, wear a mask. In turn, parents should always be checking their children’s candy bags, but also should sanitize wrappers and consider using a bag that can be washed or thrown away. 

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