Re-locating is Easy with These Six Tips!

Thursday Nov 12th, 2020


Moving can be a scary experience. Whether you're moving down the block, across town, or to the other side of the country, it’s always a challenge. Moving to a new city can be difficult and uncomfortable when you don’t know what to expect. That’s why we’ve mustered up six tips to help you relocate to a new city with ease and comfort. 


Tip 1: Get to know your new neighborhood before the move!

           According to a Canadian survey conducted in 2018, one in five Canadians would relocate, for a job in another city within their province. If this is a similar situation that is present in your current life, consider getting to know your future neighborhood before you get settled. Some of your greatest resources will be at your new workplace. These new co-workers are a part of your new community and can offer advice. Don’t be afraid to ask important questions. Schools, subdivisions, restaurants, downtown life, community center and events, dental and doctor offices, are all parts of the community that you should get to know before purchasing a home in your new city. 


Tip 2: Don’t forget to label! 

           Packing is a tedious task. It’s even worse unpacking boxes and figuring out how to set up your new home. Help your future self out with some labeling tactics. On each box that you pack place a label on the box. Include what’s in it, and where you would like it to go in your new home. This will make it easy for your movers and will establish some more organization when unpacking in your new home. Click here for some more labeling techniques to make your move as smooth as possible. 


Tip 3: Ask for help.

           Lean on others when you need an extra hand. Whether it’s your agent, your extended family, or your loving friends, moving and packing is an overwhelming process that can’t be done alone. Ask your agent about moving companies they recommend, or services that can help you pack up your home. Or gather up your closest friends and family and ask them to help. With proper direction, plenty of notice, and a ton of gratitude, your loved ones will be more than willing to help you in this big transition. Some small things to prepare for moving day can be established packing systems, lots of refreshments, and maybe a “thank you” gift. Whether that’s a nice dinner, a bottle of wine, or another small material token of gratitude, make sure your loved ones know you’re grateful for their help. 


Tip 4: Get involved in the community. 

           A way to get acclimated to your new area is to get involved with the community. Join a community club or league to get to know some members of your new city. If you are able to, volunteer at your child’s school. This will allow you to get to know some other parents in your neighborhood and arrange times for your children to meet outside of school. This will also help your child’s transition to the new area. These small things will make a huge difference in making your new community feel more like home. 


Tip 5: Don’t forget to keep in touch!

           While it’s easy to get used to your life in your new city, don’t forget about your friends and family you left behind. Keeping in touch can be difficult with life always on the go. Whenever you start to think about them shoot them a simple text, a phone call, or an email. These small but impactful ways will remind your friends how important they are to you. Click here to check out some more tips to make staying in touch easy, and to keep your old relationships close to you in your new city. 


Tip #6: Lean on your agent!

            We know relocating can be a challenge, so use your local resources. At Concierge Real Estate by Wasim, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect home suited to your lifestyle. Lean on us to guide you through your relocation, ask us the difficult questions, and let us do the hard stuff. It is important to us that you get the luxury experience that you deserve for your move!

By: Vanda Di Michele

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