The Story of GC; A Hardworking Business Owner

Monday Dec 19th, 2022



GC’s Story

GC is a distinguished, mature, and successful business owner. He had already worked with Concierge By Wasim when he needed to sell his family home a few years prior. At the time, the market was at the beginning of a tightening period. Instead of adopting a lowering expectations attitude and approach, we were able to sell his home, while securing a record-breaking home sale price for the street the property was on at that time.

GC had not been ready to find and buy a new home immediately. Several factors led to GC delaying market re-entry including personal life transitions, and a desire to buy during a time market during a time more favourable to buyers.

As such, our firm searched for and found a suitable rental property. During the period following the sale of his previous home, Concierge by Wasim worked with GC to flesh out his ideas and conditions for a new suitable home.  Both parties remained in frequent contact holding conversations on GC’s vision and current real estate market conditions.

The continuing collaboration led to a well-encapsulated understanding that GC’s new living space would be an exciting living space, however, current needs meant finding a property considerably smaller than his previous home. A diligently crafted targeted search resulted in us finding a loft in Newmarket, Ontario, that GC was excited about due to its transformation potential. GC had a sense of how the space should look and what renovation work was needed to bring the space up-to-date and suitable for moving in. Knowing this, we proceed to negotiate a purchase of the property. During negotiations with the seller, and thanks to market conditions, our firm reached an agreement to purchase the loft at $50,000 below the asking price.

Upon possession of the property, Concierge By Wasim collaborated with GC to realize his vision of a rejuvenated living space. Using an established network of preferred suppliers our firm has come to rely on due to their quality work the loft received much-needed attention all within the established budget. Walls were rewarded with new coats of paint, and new wood floors were laid, replacing well-worn wall-to-wall carpeting. A newly designed kitchen was installed, including new appliances meeting today’s expectations. Doors and frames at the loft were found to be worn, so they were also replaced after careful measurements.

By working with vetted suppliers Concierge By Wasim engages on a regular basis, GC did not have to deal with the frustrations that often come from securing suitable contractors alone. Especially difficult for those who do not engage with these businesses on a regular basis, is finding ones who perform safely and ethically, while producing quality work on a consistent basis.

From the sale of his original home at a record price to active listening on GC’s new home vision, and collaboration and procurement throughout all phases of the rejuvenation project, GC was fully satisfied with all our work throughout the engagement. 

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