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The Things No One Tells You About Selling Your Home By: Vanda Di Michele

Thursday Sep 24th, 2020


Whether it’s your first, seventh, or hundredth home, buying or selling is a significant moment in a person’s life. Every experience poses an opportunity to learn something new about real estate. No matter the advice you get from friends, family or professionals, every experience is unique. This is why we’ve mustered up the seven things no one tells you when selling your home!  


  1. Start digging up that paperwork

For your agent to do their job, they need to get to know your home. We mean every detail. If you are wanting to take the step to sell your home, it’s time to dig up those important papers and documents with the important information your agent needs. While much of the information you can offer by memory, it’s important to gather any shred of information about your home in a central location, so you have the answer to all your agent's questions! 

  1. Get ready to de-clutter and get organized 

You may not think you have a lot of stuff, but you never know once you start to unpack. Prepping your house for sale is an important process. Every detail counts when staging your home perfectly for buyers. Go through each room and see what can be donated, thrown out, or packed away to a new home. This allows you to get ahead of the game and get your home ready for the next phase. Plus, your future self will thank you when it’s time to officially pack up! 

  1. It’s okay to feel stressed

While your agent is there to help you every step of the way, we know it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and stressed during some elements of the process. That’s why it’s important to be transparent with those involved in the process and to communicate with your agent as much as possible. Remember, you’re not alone and there are always people to help! 

  1. Leaving your home for showings isn’t fun; we understand

Apart from the process of buying a new home is to walk through it and experience it in its entirety. That calls for showings. We understand how difficult it is to leave your home multiple times for buyers, but a buyer cannot comfortably look through your home while you are there. So, get comfortable with frequenting coffee shops, malls, and restaurants. It’s an important sacrifice to make, and worth it in the end! 

  1. Expect low offers

Your home is not everyone’s dream home. It’s important to understand that low offers will propose themselves and you shouldn’t feel offended or hurt. Instead, ask your agent why this offer might have come in, what are the variables, and know that every price is negotiable. Set aside your feelings and approach this situation as a business opportunity.  

  1. Make sure your home is picture-perfect

The first time a buyer will see your home, is online. The way it looks is very important. Trust the advice of your agent, photographer, and stager. Their goal is to make your home appeal to as many buyers as possible. Don’t skimp out on the number of shots, detail within the pictures, and the overall vibe the photo collection will provide to a potential buyer. 


7.    Trust your agent 

Your agent is the most valuable resource in this whole process, so trust their advice. From the beginning to the end, they have the experience and knowledge to help you list your home with ease. At Concierge Real Estate by Wasim, we ensure that all your concerns are left to us to sell your home as smoothly as possible. To us, luxury is an experience, not just a price tag.

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